Terms and Conditions



Admission will be purely based on merit, eligibility& suitability. Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd Management has the right to refuse admission without assigning any reasons.

Students need to pay admission fees through Cheque/ NEFT & the balance amount through PDC of equated value.

Students need to submit the following at the time of admission:

Two passport size photographs & two full-length photographs

Cheque/ NEFT proof of payment of Admission fees

Mark sheet of the last examination passed

ID proof & address proof


The fees applicable shall be payable as follows :

Admission Fees – to be paid along with Admission form – during admission

Balance Fees – Post dated Cheques of equated values to be provided during admission

Fees once paid will not be refunded in any case. Exceptions can be discussed separately & Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd management decision will be final & binding

Any delay or lapse in the Fee payment will result in cancellation of admission & Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd management may initiate legal proceedings


Regular tests will be conducted during the course

Final exam will be held at the end of the course duration.

Results/ Certification will be based on the following Grading System

Less than 50% - D Grade (has to re-appear in the exam)

Between 51% to 69% - C Grade

Between 70% to 79% - B Grade

80% or above – A Grade

Students can opt for re-examination on payment of INR 1,500/- (however, this will be allowed only once)

Students who are not able to clear Examination in two attempts will only get course attendance certificate and no grades will reflect in their certificates.


Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd has a commitment to provide 100% assistance to students – for placements

Please note that Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd liability for placements will be limited to providing assistance. The placement of the student will depend on his/ her performance in the interview. 

100% placement assistance does not mean 100% job guarantee & should not be confused.

Students will be prepared & sent for interviews as and when the opportunity arises.

Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd management will decide which student will be sent for the interview based on various factors like fee payments, attendance, eligibility, age, performance in final exams etc.,

General Code of Conduct

Students need to attend the lectures as per the time table provided

Students have to be regular in class. Any absenteeism should be accompanied with a proper leave note on official email.

Any leaves required should be properly requested and pre-approved by Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd management

Students need to wear proper uniforms provided by Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd.

Students need to be properly groomed as per instructions from Jumbo Jet Aviation Pvt Ltd management

After the lecture, students are not allowed to loiter around in the institute premise or the parking area. 

Mobile phones are allowed in class, but should be kept in “SILENT” mode.






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